Gavin played his first year of T-Ball and he had a great time. He improved so much this year on his baseball skills. We were so proud of him!


Dying Easter Eggs

We had to play dress up while dying Easter Eggs.

Landon Turns One!

I can't believe it has already been a year. Landon turned one on Good Friday and we were lucky that Kyle had the day off that day. We celebrated that day with Larry's Giant Subs and Ice Cream. The next we day celebrated his birthday with Family! He had quite a good time diving into that cake. We are so blessed to have him and we feel so complete. Its still hard to think about how close we were to loosing him before he was born. God intervened and gave us another miracle in him.

Landon at One

He started walking about two weeks before he turned one.
He has 6 teeth.
He is a great sleeper at night.
He is very very strong willed and has quite the temper.
He no longer likes baby food and came off the bottle very easy.
His favorite past time is riding on the tractor.

Church Pictures

We had church pictures a few weeks ago and these were some shots I got before hand and they actually were better than the ones we got taken. It was quite an experience as we waited and then trying to get pictures was just as bad. By the end all Kyle and I could do was laugh. We kept insisting to the photographer that we really didn't need to try to get anymore pictures, the kids (Landon) were not going to have anymore of it.


WOW! We had a wonderful time at Disney the World. The kids did great. We spent 12 hours on Friday at the Magic Kingdom. We had lunch with the princess', went to a luau, and ate breakfast with Mickey. We really had a great time and look forward to taking Landon with us in a year or two!

T-Ball - Go Giants

Gavin had his first T-Ball game Saturday and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. We definitely got some great laughs from watching all those little boys play. Of course Gavin spent most the game playing in the dirt but he did hit the ball all three times he was up to bat twice with the Tee and once without.